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Buy product. Last Updated on March 26, by Paul Archer. Although some people call it the Pro version, it's no real big difference between the standard Zino and Zino pro, besides the color. Arjay — July 2, Paul Archer — August 19, James Grigar — November 7, Damilton — November 14, I am looking for a good drone that can be use for business purpose as for filming movies. Can i have more of your professional advice on this particular hubsan-zino-drone. I wil appreciate it if it can be send to my personal mail.

Luisfar — January 25, Hi Just bougth the Hubsan zino pro, and admited Im a beginner in the drone game. I find the zino very hard to connect, controller,phone and drone — USB disconnect — and I find a lot of people on the internet having the same problems. Beside there is a lot of adjustments you can do — not everyting just funktioning.

The max speed is That said — The hope is green — without crashes Ill learn to handle the drone. Thank you for your reviews.

Add to compare. Description Additional information Photos Reviews 5. Camera 4K.

Hubsan Zino 2 vs DJI Mavic Mini vs FIMI X8 SE: Which Drone with Camera is the BEST?

Battery life 23 min. Stabilization 3 axis gimbal. Range m.With the Hubsan Zino Pro you not only get the Zino drone, but also include an extra battery, extra propellers, a shoulder bag to transport the drone and accessories and a car charger, with which you can charge the drone in the car. The Hubsan Zino drone is foldable and therefore easy to transport, it is also not that big and only weighs around grams.

The Hubsan Zino pro has an intelligent battery, this battery automatically flies back when it is almost empty. With the mAh battery about 23 minutes can be impacted, with the extra battery in this package the flight time is already doubled to about 46 minutes flight time. One battery is fully charged again in 3 hours. A remote controller is supplied with the Hubsan Zino pro, with which you can control the drone up to approximately 2.

You can easily connect your own telephone to the controller by attaching it. With the free downloadable X-Hubsan app you can watch live with the camera of the drone via your own phone, so it is very handy to connect it to the controller.

The drone flies very stable despite the light weight, this is because the drone has a built-in GPS system. The Hubsan Zino pro also has a barometer, which makes it possible to let the drone hang stably in the air at a certain height. The speed of the drone can also be seen in the X-Hubsan app, here you can also see at what height it is. The engines of the Hubsan Zino pro are brushless, these ensure a more sustainable way of flying. The engines of the Hubsan Zino are brushless, these ensure a more sustainable way of flying.

The Hubsan Zino pro drone has a film and photo camera, which is stabilized by a 3-axis gimbal. This stabilized camera makes photos and videos a lot sharper. Videos with the Hubsan Zino camera are made in 4K Ultra HD at 30 frames per second, photos are made in a resolution of 8 megapixels. Via the free X-Hubsan app it is possible to watch live with the camera of the drone.

With Goggles Videoglasses it is possible to experience the First Person View in an even more spectacular way. This can easily be done by placing your phone in the glasses. A Goggles is not included with this Hubsan Zino Pro package. The images of your flight are displayed in P HD quality on the screen of your phone. In the X-Hubsan app it is easy to choose between taking photos and videos, and there is also the option of having the Hubsan Zino pro take a panorama shot.

The drone will generate this panorama photo itself by taking different photos, the speed at which the Hubsan Zino pro does this can be manually adjusted. The Husban Zino pro has professional functions. For example, the drone can take off and land automatically at the touch of a button, or you can choose to have the drone return to the point of departure.

These are some examples of certain practical functions that the Hubsan Zino pro has, below even more functionalities. Here the height can also be adjusted per indicated point.

NEWS: Xiami FIMI X8 SE… the Hubsan Zino (and more) killer

The drone continues to follow the selected object or person until the assignment is adjusted. This is very nice when you no longer know exactly where the front of the drone is.In MarchHubsan introduced its first Hubsan Zino folding drone. Thanks to its excellent features and functions, it got the opportunity to compete with DJI Mavic Pro. Moreover, Hubsan Zino was so interested in buyers that at the beginning of sales, the company could not cope with the number of orders, and some buyers had to wait several months for their drone.

Hubsan decided not to dwell on one quadrocopter, and today, an updated next generation of drone appeared in Gearbest stores — Hubsan Zino 2. The latest novelty provides a flight endurance of up to 33 minutes so that you to enjoy your flight in one go fully.

Also, the latest Hubsan Zino 2 drone gives you a control distance of 6kmwhich allows you to take photos of distant places. In addition, you get a new upgraded camera from 4kfps to 4kfps, making images taken more clear and exquisite. Hubsan Zino 2 is a compact quadrocopter, measuring This greatly simplifies its use and transportation. As for weight, compared to other compact drones, the Hubsan Zino 2 is quite hefty — grams.

The case of the device is made of plastic and is available only in matt white. Its design provides the Hubsan Zino 2 pretty stylish and a bit aggressive looks.

Hubsan H117S Zino GPS RC drone quadcopter firmware pack

There is also a button on top to turn on the quadrocopter. In front of the drone is a camera with a detachable gimble, I will talk about its characteristics bit later. At the rear of the drone is a specific compartment for installing the battery. The battery is removable and easy to replace. It is also quite compact, and its convenient to hold in hands. At the bottom of the remote control is a mount for a smartphone. On the right side is a MicroUSB connector for connecting to a smartphone.

In the upper part, we see two folding antennas for excellent communication between the control panel and the drone.

In general, the control panel looks like a joystick for a game console.I will try in this article show you step by step how to do it. FL IPX 1.

Hubsan Zino ND Filter Modification -Fail

Good quality set ready to install. And this is a tricky part to disconnect them. To do disconnect cable I am using a slotted screw driver. Now we can remove old antennas and start drilling holes for new ones. Tags: hs Hubsan long range mod tips. Well, radar bounces off objects, right? Did you at least put the drone on top of a non-metal surface, like a picnic bench? You could drill a hole in the arm under the clip Hubsan has it locked into, drop it out the bottom and when above your head, that should easily up the range!

Do the motors make RF noise? You could go take a SH T and it will be waiting for you when you come back outside, provided the batteries were sufficient to RTH.

My range for FPV sucks now. I tried switching frequencys and nothing helps. I checked the connections and everything looks fine.

What do you think is the problem? Also Frequency does not work for me at all. Just a black screen. Also can you check video signal on other FPV receiver like goggle or monitor?.

Ok, like I said. I took it away from my home and had vast improvement. I believe it has to be my wifi signal, or something.

I was able to get the drone up to m high, but only m out before signal started cutting out from the FPV. I believe the antenna that controls movement would allow me to go m or more, but the FPV antenna is just no good. So I am going to get this one you recommend.

Hubsan Zino 2: Here's why it's a top drone choice

Hope that gets me to the golden m mark.A time will come soon when we see the sky is full of flying drones by most of the people among us! Today many professional videos and photographers are already started using the best drones with cameras.

It is useful for one to take some breathtaking aerial shots! Now just this makes it possible for one to do photography of areas where a person cannot travel and so on. The best part is one can buy a drone with the camera at affordable prices. Hence, if you are also interested in considering a model as your next toy for fun then this post can be of much help for you, Kindly keep reading till the end!

Before moving forward first, let us have a brief look at some of the industry-leading brands good in making camera drones. Among several of their hottest models, some are X8 SE and A3 to consider! DJI - It is another Chinese manufacturer who is well known to create aerial photography systems, and easy to use drones. Phantom is one of their standards in the industry of consumer drones. Hubsan - The quadcopters made by Hubsan are rich in both features and technology.

It is a North American based company. The brand is known for its entry-level products like RC aircraft, robots, and drones. Now, let us have a detailed comparison of their popular drone models to find the Best Cost-efficient Drone that comes with a Camera. It also weights to around grams.

hubsan zino range hack

The flying weight of the same is about grams. Also, by referring to their main specifications we can say they all are having based on brushless motors, and are made of ABS material. They all are having lightweight structure and foldable to use and can be carried from one place to another. Hence, they all are capable to function well while moving them in different directions in a single click!

The third one i.Sono molto perplesso! Respected Andy RC! Thank you for a very informative video and interesting review! This is probably the most complete video about this new model. If I may, let me ask you: the specifications for this model say that the range is up to meters. Please do the test in calm weather. Is it true that ZINO can fly such a distance?

I think this is the most pressing question at the moment, neither confirm nor deny which no one else did. With respect and hope. I'm a fan of Hubsan and love my I fully intend to buy this but I'll leave it a year until the bugs have been ironed out. Great review, very neutral. Funny to see, how all these late Mavic copies still can't compete with the original which came out years ago….

Very Good Review!! Can you send me the "fcc id" from the drone and the radio?? Hubsan is bad for England here is normally windy. Hi Andy, am interesting in hubsan zino. I saw your video. Just few questions, does the zino have option for p ,p video option. Do you think is a good buy. The video is very jerky when you yaw. How usable would you say the FPV is? About the mavic and all the little. And is not as cumbersome.

And remote. And its no bigger than most women's. Is A hindrens.

hubsan zino range hack

Hey Andy, really love your reviews. I always gravitate toward yours. I'd like to be a monthly subscriber.The Hubsan Zino is an affordable quadcopter that comes with a host of amazing features. It has a lot to offer for a quadcopter in its price range and could set the tone for the manufacture of affordable drones in the future. Check Price.

hubsan zino range hack

Well, let me interest you in the Hubsan Zino! Ever since its introduction, this diminutive quadcopter has set tongues wagging in the drone community. But what exactly does it bring to the table that has caused all the hype? To answer this, I will review the Hubsan Zino by taking a closer look at its various specifications. Despite its pint-size, this drone from Hubsan packs an impressive range of features for a quadcopter in its price range. It is an industry game-changer that has set the precedent for the future production of small drones.

Let us delve deeper into its features:. According to the manufacturer, this drone has a flight time of 23 minutes in the ideal conditions. But in actual field conditions, the quadcopter can only manage to hover for around 20 minutes, which may not be enough time to fully enjoy your playtime.

The device uses a LiPo This helps you to keep track of battery life as you play. The battery will need almost 3hrs to fully charge once it is running on empty, and this is only when you are using its original charger. For any avid drone enthusiast out there, this can seem like an eternal wait. When you consider the short flight time offered, I recommend you get an extra battery If you want to enjoy the quadcopter much more.

A brushless motor ensures that the drone maintains a quiet sound profile as it flies, it is more effective, and will require much fewer repairs down the line, as compared to a brushed motor. Being an amateur photographer with professional ambitions, I must say this is one feature on the Zino I was impressed with the most! The drone comes with a 5G enabled camera with 4k capabilities, which allow you to capture expert-level aerial photos and record high-resolution footage.

The Hubsan Zino also boasts FPV capability, allowing you to stream real-time video footage on your smartphone as you fly the drone. Thanks to 5G technology, the streaming is lighting fast and high-quality. But you have to remember that camera resolution is not everything!

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