L28 engine management

By DraxzJuly 23, in L-Series. Yes I'm getting tired of having to answer the same questions over and over again, so here are some common answers, all in one place and easy to find.

l28 engine management

I hope that those of you with helpful info to add to this post will reply and do so. Especially those guys that have been through this a few times. This is intended to inform the reader of the options which exist in building up a Nissan L series turbo engine. Specifically to give an overall picture of the cost, potential and problems associated with using this engine as a base for a performance application.

Much of this info has been used without permission from various turbo websites, books and discussion forums. This is intended as a guide only. If you follow this to the letter and have a problem, no one is responsible but yourself.

Datsun Z Car Plug and Play Megasquirt 2 v3.57 Engine Management System w/ Base Tune

The first thing you need to decide is exactly what your goals are. If you hope to have a hp L series engine, you likely don't need a turbo. Now you've decided that you want a turbo L series engine. You have a performance goal in mind and its time to built it! The single most important piece of advice I can give to anyone is to research your build before you do it. Do yourself a favor, and track down the book "Maximum Boost" by Corky Bell.

Read it a few dozen times. By that point, you should know enough about turbo systems to make educated decisions, and to ask the right questions. Also, use the search function here, and scour the internet to see what others have done. At the end of this post there is a list of links to other articles and sites on turbocharging. Some are Nissan specific, some aren't. The best place to start is by getting a Datsun zx Turbo engine. Either with the whole car, or just by itself.

If you are planning a stock install, try and get a complete car! The rest of this article is directed more towards a high performance buildup rather than a stock one. This included everything physically attached to the engine.Supplying enthusiasts since We've been helping people make their dreams run strong for over 26 years. Below are just a few examples of highly successful vehicles using SDS all over the world:. Please note that SDS products are not compatible with diesel or direct injection spark ignition engines.

Great guys to work with! Video links:. Dual EM-5 6F. Photo by Kathy Bland. Collin was back on the pole for the Runoffs at Sonoma and won the GT3 championship again.

Geoff placed 3rd in the same car. There were nearly competitors in Lincoln Nebraska for this week long event, with 11 drivers in FSP. World's fastest stock bodied Corvette. EM-3 6F equipped. Mark Green's SuperVee.

EM-5 4F equipped. Patrick Shaw's awesome hp Porsche runs on E Tuned by Paul Bhawan at Splitfire Performance. Porsche owned by Bruce Gregory, Ottawa, Canada. Toyota Hilux 2. Suitable for street and track use. The fifth generation system features improved digital, hard filtering and circuit protection, easier, more programmable features, a noise resistant, single chip, ECU design and batch fired injectors for reliability and ease of hookup and programming.

Proven bulletproof in the high heat and brutal pounding of desert offroad racing and the demanding Experimental aviation market. EM-5 D : provides control of fuel injection only for Wankel 4,5,6 and 8 cylinder engines. EM-5 F : provides fuel injection and crank triggered, distributorless ignition control on 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines. With SDS, the programming software is embedded, reliable and proven- nothing to load and values are retained in memory even with power off.

Programming can be accomplished with the engine turned off or running. No laptop required for tuning or monitoring. Four gauge modes permit real-time monitoring of all sensor inputs to the ECU complete with fault diagnostics on-screen. Major SDS components are housed in quality aluminum enclosures and we offer a 3 year warranty on parts and labor.

The EM-5 series has been extensively proven in over 25 years of development, testing and real world use on a variety of street, race and special applications. It has been successfully used on cars, boats and amateur built aircraft. Check your local laws for street driven vehicles.

For information on kit contents, optional items and programmable parameters, click on Specifications For optional PC data logging info click here: data logging info CPI coil pack ignition. Stand alone distributorless ignition for carbureted and mechanically injected engines. Please do not send us X pixel photos of several Mb file size. Attachments or files over 1Mb may be deleted from our mail server.

If you're not sure how to downsize photo files, download a free photo editor like Photoscape. E-mail: racetech1 telus. If you don't receive a reply, there may be a problem with your mail server, address or anti-spam filter. Please phone us.I know that alot of people swap the L28 into s and s. I have a with the stock L24 in it, just wondering what advantages and disadvantages come with this swap.

As far as I understand, the only big differences are the displacement and fuel injection, with the option of the electronic turbo. The L28 has about the same horsepower if not less as the L24 and L26, so what are the big reasons that people make the swap? Plus, the L28s had to account for emissions equipment. Put a properly tuned but otherwise similar carb setup on both the L24 and the L28, the L28 will make more torque and HP.

One main reason for doing the swap is that L28 blocks are far more common than L24s and L26s, being the L28 was produced from model years whereas the L26 was a one-year engine.

They were measured differently. If the hp was rated atthe rear wheel hp would be about with drive train losses removed. Now you can compare this, to the z or zx as apples to apples. Another advantage of a larger displacement motor is that when an equal upgrade is added like the same larger valves, intake, exhaust system whatever you will always get more out of it on the larger motor. It may be worth it if you prefer EFI to carbs.

Some folks do. I've never had any luck with Nissan EFI, but that's just my experience. Lots of people find it reliable, and when my Z ran it ran great. Problem was it didn't run long before something else went bad.

S30 Engine Specs

Some folks find tuning carbs hard, and dual carbs impossible. Then you have the smog-saddled flattop carbs. If you just plop a L28 in place of a L24, but use the L24 carb setup, what you'd get is an engine with a slightly better low-end torque but the carbs would be slightly undersized when nearing redline.

Thing is, the L24's higher redline and the L28s higher displacement kind of cancel each other out as far as flow goes, and the L28 will make more HP at a given RPM than the L24, all else being equal.

l28 engine management

But the L24 and L28 aren't equal in compression ratio so there's where the stock L28 has its greatest disadvantage. That's correctable.Brand: vendor-unknown. Part : Availability: Out of stock. The latest technology fuel injection control that bolts right up to your Z non turbo. This system is designed for the daily driver that is tired of their fuel injection not working as it should and just want to enjoy driving their car. Simple to use and eliminates all stock sensors and replaces them with easy to find modern sensors.

This kit is designed to be used with your stock fuel injectors and replace all of the components that run the injectors. Simply input the engine data on the handheld touch screen and the ECU does the tuning. Typically within 50 miles of driving the engine is fully tuned.

This sytem is also capable of being run with larger cams, larger injectors, headers or any engine mods, will support up to HP. Installation time is about two hours. This is a fuel management system only, the stock ignition system will not be effected. If your car is not equipped with an oxygen sensor the kit includes a weld in bung which will need to be installed in the exhaust system. This system is not for turbo cars. Brand: vendor-unknown Part : Availability: Out of stock. Related Products Viewed Products.

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l28 engine management

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l28 engine management

Bosch 4. Programmable Engine Management Systems. Airflow-based tuning models simplify system installation and speed the tuning process by eliminating many of the setup requirements necessary in previous generation ECUs. This allows the Infinity to do more, faster, in a more stable programming environment.

This affordable, lightweight, compact and powerful system features robust Series 2 EMS hardware in a weather and shock proof enclosure, with a pin connector specifically designed to survive harsh racing environments. Sign up for our Newsletter Get our latest product and news updates.

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Career Opportunities. Independent Product Reviews. Sales Department - sales aempower. General Technical Service - gen. EMS Technical Service - emstech aempower. All Rights Reserved. Infinity ECU The Infinity ECU delivers high end Motorsports capabilities powerful enough for professional teams at a price that makes it attainable for sportsman racers.California Datsun specializes in building the L Series Engines.

Each one of our engines is built to order, the way you want it, and at a price that's affordable. We take the time and listen to our customers to make sure you are completely satisfied with the entire buying process. We understand this is a big investment, you want it done right within a reasonable time frame, and to have an engine that will last.

The process to rebuild an engine takes time and a budget.

ITB Fuel Injection Kit for L6

Our rebuilds take from weeks to build. We also have plenty of low mileage cores in stock so you do not have to worry about shipping us your old motor. However, if you want to keep your numbers matching block we can accommodate that too. We love the personal touch of doing business. Please call us and we can have discuss on which motor best suits yours needs. Item added to cart. Read more about: 3. Read more about: L28 Short Block Engine. California Datsun is a professional licensed Datsun Restoration Business.

All we sell are quality new and restored parts that are sure to fit your special application. Our goal is customer loyalty and we want your return business. Our feedback rating is one of the best and our website is listed with several customer reviews.

Engine Blocks. L28 Short Block Engine. E88 Head L24 Long Block. Part Search. See all for. Race Re-Grind Camshaft. View Product. Why use us? Shipping Special. Most small items ship free for FREE or at a low flat rate charge depending on size. Exceptions for heavy items such as transmissions, cylinder heads, headers, exhaust, brake kits, and engines.

Stay Connected.The Nissan L series of automobile engines was produced from through in both inline-four and inline-six configurations ranging from 1. This was the engine of the dependable Datsuniconic Datsun Z sports carand debut upscale Nissan Maxima. These engines are known for their extreme reliability, durability, and parts interchangeability. It is a two-valves per cylinder SOHC non-crossflow engine, with an iron block and an aluminium head. The four-cylinder L series engines were replaced with the Z series and later the CA serieswhile the six-cylinder L series engines were replaced with the VG series and RB series.

The legendary L16 four-cylinder design is derived from the Mercedes-Benz engine Prince Motor Company was licensed to produce copies of in four- and six-cylinder displacements. By the time Prince merged with Nissan in it had altered the design to where it no longer needed licensing. The engine still resembles a Mercedes in many ways, particularly the valvetrain.

The six-cylinder L20 rushed into production by Datsun in was designed prior to the Prince merger using the Mercedes overhead cam engine as a model. The L13 was essentially a de-stroked L The L16 replaced the Prince G When this engine was installed in a Canadian sedan model with manual transmissiontwo sets of points were installed in the distributor and this second set of points was in circuit only in third gear to obtain a different dwell angle.

This engine was equipped with an electronically controlled carburetor. The L16T was basically the same as the L16 but had twin SU carbs, flat top pistons same as ones used in Z and a slightly different head. The L18 replaced the Prince G in All variants used the same camshaft lobe lift. The L18 was a popular powerplant in many non-USA markets due to its underliters displacement, which made it exempt from many fuel and classification tariffs.

The L18T was basically the same as the L18 but had twin SU carbs, higher compression pistons, and lower volume combustion chambers. The forged U60 crankshaft also ushered in the use of a six-bolt flywheel boss. The block introduced a taller deck height to accommodate the longer stroke and connecting rods.

This specification would also be used later in the Z20 and Z22 engine series. The legendary robustness and nearly square configuration have made this engine a popular choice among tuners for turbocharging. The engine used a carburetor but switched to fuel injection and round instead of square exhaust ports in some non-USA markets in Carburetors were used in all US L20B applications for both cars and trucks.

In the US, the L20B was used in six different model families -A10, S10,and models- making it the most versatile powerplant in the company's US history. To avoid confusion with the six-cylinder L20, Nissan designated this engine the L20B.

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